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 21T300   TERM 3 2021 13/9 - 18/11    None    None   13/09/2021  Mon   0:00  
 21T301   MONDAY    None    None   13/09/2021  Mon   0:00  
 21T302   German Conversation    Board Room    Antje Fox   13/09/2021  Mon   9:45  
 21T303   Astronomy & Space Science (Zoom)    Online    Peter Taylor   13/09/2021  Mon   10:00  
 21T305   Birds of the Far North (5 wks)    Lecture Theatre    Sue Jones   20/09/2021  Mon   10:00  
 21T306  Sir John Franklin & the NW Passage (3wk)    Lecture Theatre    James Alexander   25/10/2021  Mon   10:00  
 21T307   Writing Workshop    Board Room    John McRae   13/09/2021  Mon   11:15  
 21T308   Basic German    Retreat    Antje Fox   13/09/2021  Mon   11:30  
 21T309   Music Matters II    Lecture Theatre    Peter Buining   13/09/2021  Mon   11:30  
 21T310   Italian: the First Steps    Board Room    Gianna Staples   13/09/2021  Mon   13:00  
 21T311   Italian: Ancora un po    Board Room    Gianna Staples   13/09/2021  Mon   14:00  
 21T312   TUESDAY    None    None   14/09/2021  Tue   0:00  
 21T313   Modern Dilemmas: Hard-to-Resolve Social    Board Room    Les Crompton   14/09/2021  Tue   10:00  
 21T314   The Alexander Technique (5weeks)    Lecture Room    Penny McDonald   14/09/2021  Tue   10:00  
 21T315   CANCELLED - Irishman, a Welshman and TWO    Lecture Theatre    Eileen Levett   14/09/2021  Tue   10:00  
 21T317   Android Skills    Retreat    Graeme Ingram   14/09/2021  Tue   11:30  
 21T318   The History of the World in 5 lectures    Lecture Theatre    Hamish Maxwell-Stewart   14/09/2021  Tue   11:30  
 21T319   Responding to Disasters & Emergencies 5w    Lecture Theatre    Janet Whelan   19/10/2021  Tue   11:30  
 21T320   CANCELLED - Art of Cartooning    Retreat    Louis Rodway   14/09/2021  Tue   11:30  
 21T321   Films: A Season of Sidney    Lecture Room    Bernadette Trotter   21/09/2021  Tue   13:00  
 21T322   WEDNESDAY    None    None   15/09/2021  Wed   0:00  
 21T323   Calligraphy    Board Room    None   15/09/2021  Wed   10:00  
 21T324   French for Travellers    Retreat    Elizabeth Eden   15/09/2021  Wed   10:00  
 21T326   A Potted History of Tasmania (5 wks)    Lecture Theatre    Peter D. Jones   15/09/2021  Wed   10:00  
 21T327   Sir Joseph Banks & Australian Connection    Lecture Theatre    Mike Severs   20/10/2021  Wed   10:00  
 21T328   Behind the News for Grown-Ups    Board Room    Adela Morton   15/09/2021  Wed   11:30  
 21T329   French for Beginners    Retreat    Elizabeth Eden   15/09/2021  Wed   11:30  
 21T330   Why the Weimar Republic Failed    Lecture Theatre    Neil Spark   22/09/2021  Wed   11:30  
 21T331   Drawing (continued)    Board Room    Jane Monaghan   15/09/2021  Wed   13:00  
 21T332   THURSDAY    None    None   16/09/2021  Thu   0:00  
 21T333   Advanced French    Board Room    Marilyn Pinkard   16/09/2021  Thu   10:00  
 21T334   Mah Jong    Retreat    None   16/09/2021  Thu   10:00  
 21T335   Kaleidoscope    Lecture Theatre    Leone Scrivener   16/09/2021  Thu   10:00  
 21T336   Spanish 101    Board Room    Sally Gill   16/09/2021  Thu   11:30  
 21T337   French Conversation (Intermediate)    Retreat    Christine Moore   16/09/2021  Thu   11:30  
 21T338   ‘InDIGinus’ Aspirations &Post-Colonial i    Lecture Theatre    Basil Sansom   16/09/2021  Thu   11:30  
 21T339   Reading Poetry for Pleasure    Common Room    Heather Chauncy   16/09/2021  Thu   13:00  
 21T340   Watercolour Painting    Board Room    Vicki Martin   16/09/2021  Thu   13:00  
 21T341   VOLUNTEERING    None    None   11/09/2021  Sat   0:00