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2019 Summer School

University VC Professor Rufus Black delivered the Roy and Maureen Davies Memorial Lecture 2019: 'A Place-Based Society'.
The one and only Basil Sansom gave Rufus Black a grand introduction.
Johnny Mackay & his ukulele group at the Waterworks picnic
Our president John Green with Joan Loudon and our patron Peter Boyce at the Summer School picnic
Suzy Lebasi wears a fabulous Chinese embroidered silk jacket during her talk on Chinese Textiles: history of weaving & embroidery in China till end of Qing Dynasty
Wonderful Chinese fabrics brought in by Suzy Lebasi.
Jackie Salathe and Gerard Mocellin enjoying the talk on Chinese embroidery.
Our Summer School Coordinator Rose Marwick, with Dr Louise Grimmer who discussed Airbnb.
Dr Penny Jones discussed her research on the Indus Civilisation
Lorinne Boyce & Jane Monaghan at the Waterworks picnic


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